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“Pheromones Kitchen”

“Pheromones Kitchen” Pheromones 310x165

Have you ever wondered what happens in the pheromone synthesis lab? It can be like cooking in the kitchen. You can create a complete product like soup, but in the process there are some steps to prepare, clean, boil, filter, …

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The list of pesticides will be amended

The list of pesticides will be amended thuoc tru sau 2 310x165

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is drafting the Circular amending and supplementing some contents of Circular No. 03/2016 / TT-BNNPTNT dated 21/4/2016 of the Minister of Agriculture and Development To promulgate a list of plant protection drugs permitted …

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Phosphine Disposal

Phosphine Disposal x    ly phosphine 310x165

Grain products shipped by rail are commonly fumigated. Often receivers of these railcars find solid Phos-phine PrePacs or magnesium phosphide in them. When this happens, the goal is to get the phosphine material safely and properly disposed. According to the …

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Phosphine machine

Phosphine machine m  y phosphine 1 310x165

Yes you can fumigate grain with Phosphine without having to worry about flames residual dust or bin entry. The HDS system uses cylinderized Phospine called VaporPhos and is blended with ambient air into a desired concentration. The Horn Diluphos System …

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